34th street-Herald Square is a station complex on the intersection of Broadway and 6th avenue.

NQRW platform Edit

This area consists of two island platforms on four tracks. The 34 is written in mosaic and in tile on the track walls.

Next North: Times Square

Next South: 28th street (Local) / 14th street-Union Square (Express)

Arts for Transit:REACH New YorkEdit

By Christopher Janney: It consists of a huge green rack above the platform. Being motion activated, it creates music when people wave their hand in front of the many sensors.

BDFM platform Edit

This platform, again, has two side platforms alongside four tracks. After this station going southbound, the express tracks (B and D) descend to a lower level, leaving the local trains (F and M) at the same level as the PATH trains.

Next north: 42 st-Bryant Park

Next South: 23rd street (Local) / West 4th street - Washington Square (Express)

Arts for TransitEdit

The BDFM area has two works submitted.

Yab-Yum Edit

By David Provan: It consists of several stainless steel mobiles above the northbound local track. It spins whenever a train comes in.

Radiant SiteEdit

By Michele Oka Doner: It consists of an entire wall of handmade bronze tiles. It's somewhere near the northern most set of turnstiles.