Canal Street is a station complex in chinatown, served by two BMT lines, and one IRT line, which being an original 1904 stop.

NQRW platformsEdit

Just before the station, the N and Q tracks branch off to elsewhere in the station, and after either of those trains leave, they cross the Manhattan Bridge, and into Brooklyn.

NQ platform (Bridge platform)Edit

This area has two tracks and two side platforms, like your typical local station. Next north:14th street-Union Square Next South:Q-DeKalb Avenue-Flatbush AvenueN-Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street

R platform (Tunnel platform)Edit

This area has four tracks and two side platforms. Only the outer tracks are in use. The inner tracks were an original idea by the BMT, having the express trains to skip this station, and stopping at a now abandoned lower level at City Hall. Next north:Prince Street-Broadway Next South: City Hall-Broadway

6 platform Edit

File:Http:// Street.jpg/300px-Canal Street.jpg This has four tracks and two side platforms. Like the other IRT stations, this station used to hold a five-car train, and was extended to fit a full ten-car train. Next north:Spring Street-Laffyette Street Next south:Brooklyn Bridge-Chambers Street Abandoned-Worth Street

JMZ platform Edit

This station has three tracks and two island platforms, but only the western 'southbound' platform is in revenue service. Uptown trains use the wall track, while downtown trains use the middle track. Next north:Bowery Next south-See 6

Arts for Transit Edit

Empress Voyage by Bing Lee consists of ceramic tiles on the NQ crossover, and on both the NQ and RW platforms.