Canal Street is an express stop on the AC and E lines, located near the Holland Tunnel, on Canal street and 6th avenue.

Platform layout Edit

This station has four tracks and two island platforms. There are various areas where a wall segment with the station name is placed between the express tracks.

Upper level and Arts for Transit Edit

The token booth is in the center of the mezzanine, and the turnstiles are on either side of the booth. The disadvantage, however, is that riders have to pay a second fare when switching from uptown to downtown, and vice-versa.

Arts for Transit Edit

The mezzanine (including the token booth) is infested with bronze crows, as part of the artwork A Gathering, by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz.The crows are scattered throughout the mezzanine, mostly on the grills, but some on the beams above the platforms, and, as mentioned before, on the token booth.